Creating opportunities to build (and celebrate) confidence

What qualities are you cultivating in your kids these days? No matter their ages, laying a solid foundation now will help folks (across multiple generations) going forward – from brainstorming projects and collaborating with peers to joining teams and entering the workforce. Read more about the big picture in my book. (Image courtesy of

Recently, my daughter’s attention has been harnessed by all things equestrian – a notoriously time consuming (not to mention expensive!) pastime. She rides three days each week, mucks stalls on Sundays and thinks about swapping her deep-seated barrel-racing western saddle for one of the English variety so she can explore dressage.

Each and every time she learns a new trick on her horse, my daughter is buoyed by confidence.

What a gift it has been to help grow this young female’s self-image. I hope she goes forth in the world cognizant of her power and potential – both of which are limitless.

Jeff Arnold, RIGHTSURE, The Arizona 100